Getting Back into Shape


A Good Stretch with Yoga

In the past, yoga was often thought of as more of a meditational exercise that had little to do with strengthening muscles. It is true that it involves a variety of poses to stretch, but it incorporates the concept of a strong core to achieve many of the forms. For those who are just beginning a new exercise regimen, hot yoga can be a good way to get started on building strength as well as stretching muscles. It is also a good way to form a solid awareness of the body’s needs for exercise and relaxation.

There are many different levels of yoga, and those who have never tried it before should join a class for beginners. It might not seem difficult or dangerous, but working up to the more difficult poses and postures is recommended by many teachers. It's natural to signup to pilates classes after becoming familiar with yoga moves. Building a strong core is the best way to ensure that muscles are not overstretched in the routine, and it gives the beginner a chance to slowly build the muscles they will need to be successful as they move from pose to pose.