Getting Back into Shape


A Slow Start

The proverbial race between the tortoise and the hare could be used as an example of the best way to get back into shape. Starting fast may give quick results, but wearing out before the finish line is a distinct possibility. Many people start off very strong, but it takes little time before their failure to continue progressing or an injury has the participant stopped dead in their tracks. Those who ease into exercise and even dietary changes may have a slow start, but it can be a positive change that will continue until they have accomplished their goals.

Injuries can happen at any point in life, but there are times when they are more likely. A new exercise routine without the proper training or safeguards is one of them, and it can be a stopping point. Pain is the body’s way of letting a person know they have done damage, and the fear of doing more is the rationale most people use for avoiding further exercise. Avoiding injuries by easing into exercise is a good way to keep that fear at bay and continue getting into shape.

Fast results are not always lasting ones, and any person with experience on quick diet and exercise plans has probably found it to be true. While the first week or two might be great, the person is actually losing more water weight than fat cells. Once the excess water in their system is gone, their progress can slow, stop, or it can even be reversed. This type of weight loss is generally temporary, and it does not do much to help a person get into good shape for the rest of their life.

Starting slow might look like a person is taking the easy way out of a new diet and exercise routine, but it is the best way to achieve sustainable results. Making small changes in a daily routine to contain a bit more exercise should become a habit after only a few weeks, and the same can be said for positive dietary changes.