Getting Back into Shape


Rewards for a Healthy Lifestyle

Medical professionals have a lengthy list of benefits for those who choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Their list includes avoiding the risk of diabetes, less danger of having a stroke or heart attack, and even the possibility of living longer. These are lofty goals that it would seem people should be willing to attain, yet many might be more motivated by something a bit more down to earth. The rewards for making changes toward a healthy lifestyle do have other rewards, and they can include the need for an entirely new wardrobe, being able to feel more comfortable in social situations and they might even go so far as to make a person feel good about how they look.

Lifestyle changes are often difficult, and it is often the psychological factors that must be overcome. No one will actually die if they do not eat a chocolate dessert after dinner each night, but it might upset them because they miss their comfort food. They might also miss the comfort of companionship due to their physical appearance, so working on including that aspect of the equation might be more helpful in motivating them.

Doctors have found that getting their patients to take even the smallest steps toward eating healthier or exercising can have a beneficial effect on their health, but they also know that motivation can move them to excel at it. Rather than citing the positive medical possibilities when their patients backslide, they might consider talking to them about the need to buy a new wardrobe when they reach their goals.

It might seem shallow to mention the rewards of a healthy lifestyle that are not associated with medical improvements, but motivation is more important than lofty goals. Those who find a determination to succeed and reach their goals are better off, so it matters little what motivates them.